Mens Jeans

Grab a pair of our mens jeans in slouchy and relaxed fits.

Elwood men's jeans come in straightforward, simple styles with a modern fit. They are made to last and will only get more comfortable with time. Available in a choice of colours, these jeans come with a six month worn-in wash. No matter what your style, Elwood jeans are sure to give you a comfortable, fashionable, rugged wardrobe foundation to build upon.Read more.

Jeans are Your Staples

Every man knows that jeans are an indispensable wardrobe staple. You may only own two or three favourite pairs, but you wear them often. A good pair of jeans is a must-have for so many reasons. They look just as good with a shirt, a blazer and leather shoes as they do with your favourite Elwood tee and your most comfortable sandals.

Practical, Versatile and Cool

Our men’s jeans are endlessly practical; they are durable and hard-wearing enough for work or play, they stay fresh and they rarely need ironing. They are chic. You can wear a variety of looks with the same pair, and nothing feels as comfortable or looks as good as a terrific pair of jeans. Whether it is casual Friday at work, you’re going to a gig with a friend or it’s time for a night out with your girl.

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